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When the summer holidays arrive, we have time, we are more rested, the weather is good and the temperature is very good. All the factors for our libido to skyrocket and with it our sexual activity. The explanation is very simple, having more hours of sun increases our hormonal levels of testosterone, which predispose us to sex, as well as to have more erotic fantasies. And surely among them, most people think about having sex in the middle of nature, in the sea or on the sand and who has not dreamed of having sex on a paradisiacal beach? Go for the public beach sex there.

Tips for having sex on the beach

Well now with the high temperatures it is time to make your dream come true. So if you have decided that it is this summer when it happens, read carefully this article that will give you the necessary advice to have sex in this beautiful place that has such special characteristics.

Choose the beach

Because beaches are a public place, you must carefully choose the best one. All the beaches are open to the public 24 hours, so choose the less frequented ones, because as you know there are always some that are the favorites of families and tourists. This is a very important aspect since in Spain it is allowed to practice nudism but the same does not happen with sex and you could be fined.

And, when it comes to having sex, the idea of doing it on the sand is one of the most popular fantasies among Spaniards. However, to implement this practice, not everything goes. To enjoy a unique experience, the following tips should be taken into account.

Precautions before having sex on the beach

Choose the beach

Not all beaches are allowed to have sex. Therefore, decide in advance the most appropriate place to avoid that the experience does not bring negative consequences in the form of possible fines.

What zone do we choose? The seashore, moistened by the nearby breaking of the waves, is one of the most favorable areas for sex. If you decide to move away from here, check that the sand hides possible branches or elements that could damage your body.

  • Use lubricant. If you have sex in the sea, the water could damage or break the condom, making penetration painful or dangerous.
  • Avoid cream. Any suntan oil or sunscreen will quickly fill your body with sand, which can be very uncomfortable.
  • Use a towel or sheet. Avoid that your intimate areas are in direct contact with the sand, which could lead to itching or infections.

Beware of marine animals. Do not forget that the sea is the habitat of various marine animals. Keep in mind that if you have sex in the water, you could get an unpleasant surprise in the form of, for example, seaweed.

Be quick

Despite the fact that rushing is not good counselor, it is advisable not to linger too long in the practice of sex. The possibility of being discovered (and fined) is more than real. Let yourself go. But the risk will also increase your desire and the sexual encounter more pleasant. If you decide to do it, enjoy this experience to the fullest, you do not know when it can be repeated.

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