Right Ways for Enjoying Anal Sex

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There is nothing new under the sun, Sodomy in men has been practiced in Greece and Rome since Antiquity: sex education, anal sex is then considered as a means for the master to transmit an experience to his student. From the Middle Ages, this practice includes all forms of sex for non-reproductive purposes: masturbation, fellatio or even interrupted coitus. For obvious religious reasons, sodomy therefore has a negative connotation.

What is The reason

Because it does not allow reproduction, but also because it is very widespread in certain animal species as well as in homosexual couples, sodomy has long appeared to be a deviant and unnatural practice. Especially since the anus is the exit door for excreta, and for this reason assimilated to a dirty part of the body. Even today, unconsciously, anal sex has a taboo connotation. You can go for the teens love anal BBC as well.

  • However, if the stimulation of the anal area of ​​the woman is conducive to arousal, or even to sexual pleasure, the penetration itself can be a source of pain. In addition, anal sex retains a violent connotation, contrary to any romanticism. These feelings are among the arguments against sodomy in women, to the dismay of many men who fantasize about an orgasm increased tenfold by this penetration of a new kind.

In fact, it’s not just sodomy. This encompasses more or less confidential practices. And there are more and more followers who, once the first step has been taken and their fear has gone, recognize all their virtues in these practices.

If next week will be devoted to male anal pleasure, today’s article is aimed at women tempted by sodomy. How is anal pleasure explained? How to increase the chances of feeling it?

Sodomy and pleasure, explanations

Introducing yourself to the pleasure of sodomy smacks of the forbidden. Transgression exacerbates sexual excitement and the pleasure felt. This sexual practice is often tested out of curiosity, to bring a little novelty to the frenzy. Women can also learn alone with their finger or a sextoy and integrate it into their practices, during masturbation or intercourse.

Communication and trust

Two, sodomy indeed requires a minimum of physical and psychological preparation. Trust and communication between partners are essential prerequisites for pleasure. The partner must be certain of the softness and of the listening of the one who penetrates her. The practice must be able to be interrupted as soon as he or she wishes.

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